Bishop's Fans

A Fan Story By:

I believe in Bishop because she is different from other singers. She is a special person with a powerful voice, and she shows so much emotion when she is on stage. She is nice to all her fans, and she gives me a special feeling and makes me happy every time. She is such a unique person with a big heart.


On June 11, I attended An Acoustic Evening with Bishop Briggs in Berlin. I had a gift for her – a stuffed toy and some drawings I made. To make sure I had a chance to give it to her when she was on stage, I was there with my mom extra early to make sure we were up front. I’d already completely melted when I saw her for the first time: When she walked out the back door and I saw her signature bun hairstyle from behind, I unconsciously shouted "Mama?!?!"  

As her guitarist Taylor was preparing his equipment, he walked past me several times. I was full in my dream world and could not believe that it was all real. And then as he then asked me in passing, "How are you?" I did not really notice it and only looked at him as if I saw a ghost and touched his shirt because he was actually there in person.

When the show began, I really wanted a video of me seeing Bishop Briggs the first time. My mother filmed, and then everything went so fast; I cried and screamed . . . and then Bishop walked right up to me at the front of the stage and squeezed me. She had my mother take a picture but when it did not turn out, she asked a  nearby camera man to turn on his flash. By the time Bishop began singing, I’d already been crying the whole time. It was the most special thing I've ever experienced. When she came back to the stage for an encore, I briefly took her hand (don’t think she even noticed) as she sang an acapella version of her new song "Baby.”


After the show, I have to admit, I really wanted to see Bishop again. Right away. So my mom and I went from the beer garden back into the hall. The people inside were already breaking down the setup and asked why we were back inside. Since the toilets were right next to the dressing room, I was naughty and quickly formed a plan. I told them I needed to use the bathroom, waited a moment, checked to see if anyone was watching me, and went toward her dressing room. I was just about to go to up to the dressing room door when my mom waved for me to come back - she had just heard Bishop outside. So we went out quickly before she could leave. I just went up to her and hugged her. And then I said with tears in my eyes: "I want you in my room! I want you to come with me to my home!" 


She laughed a bit, took my two upper arms and said, "Thank you so much for your support - you are amazing!" Bishop’s sister Kate took a photo of us, holding a flashlight over my phone’s camera, just to make sure that photo turned out. Bishop went to leave shortly afterwards. While she was standing by the car, she said "Thank you so much for your support, and I love your present!" Then she got in the car, and as she was closing the door I called, quite loud: "I LOVE YOU,” as my mom and I waved goodbye.

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