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A Fan Story By:

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A couple years ago, I was listening to Alt Nation on Sirius XM when "Wild Horses" came on. I was immediately infatuated with Bishop’s voice, her music style and her lyrics. That night I went home and bought every song she had released, including "River," which soon became a huge hit. I was about to go into my last year of college, and her music helped me power through. I listened to her music everyday on the way to class and before I knew it, I was hooked. 



Soon after she announced a show at Chicago's Double Door hosted by the local alternative radio station in a series that focused on up and coming artists. It just so happened to be the day after I was seeing K.Flay in Chicago, so I knew I had to go. When I finally got there, I was able to move my way to the front of the venue. Her presence was electric, as I watched her run and jump all around. Getting to hear the songs live that I had been listening to for months felt amazing. I tried to meet up with her after the show, but she had to leave right away. I knew the next time I would see her I would HAVE to meet her.



That day came during Bishop’s first headlining tour last year. I got tickets right when they went on sale and added VIP so I could finally meet her in Milwaukee. I remember watching her on Instagram live one day as she showed off her stuffed animals. When I saw she had a Pusheen, I knew I wanted to get her one as a gift. I went out and got two mini green Pusheens so we both had matching ones. When the day came when I finally got to meet her, I was so excited! She was super bubbly and happy to meet everyone. I walked up with the Pusheens in hand and, immediately, she was so excited, too. I told her one was for her and the other was for me so we could have matching ones, and I asked her to sign the back of mine (which she felt really bad about!). She was so sweet, and it's still one of the best days of my life.



From then on, everytime I would meet her, I HAD to get her a Pusheen, and each time she was so excited. She would post them on social media, and it made me so happy. The most recent time I met her, she remembered who I was and, as small as that is, it made my entire life. It’s become our thing, and I’m going to always surprise her with Pusheens because the smile on her face is worth everything.


I believe in Bishop because she lives her life the way she wants. She writes songs about real life experiences and talks about topics most artists never even go near. She is one of the most authentic artists out there, and one of my favorite things about her is how much of a fangirl she herself is. Not only does she have a flawless voice and inspiring lyrics, she’s real. And that’s one of the hardest things to find in the music industry anymore.

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