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A Fan Story By:

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I’ve been a fan of Bishop Briggs for over a year now. And in that short time, she has quickly become my favorite artist.  


After overhearing someone talking about her one day, I went home that night and looked up info about her.  I started listening to her music and became mesmerized with her vocal range and style.  I then consumed every video I could find on YouTube.  That night I spent hours watching her perform and listening to interviews.  Even before it was all said and done, a new Bishop fan was born


The first time I got to see her was at the Grammy Museum for an interview & mini show.  That night she debuted White Flag by performing it live for the first time.  We all know that song is a classic.  So I don’t even need to comment at the excitement that everyone had when she performed it.  I was sitting front row that night and was so amazed and impressed with her focus and intensity during her performance.  Before we left we all got a chance to meet her and my admiration for her was without a doubt solidified. 

This year I was lucky enough to be able to attend her album release party, see one of her concerts from her Church of Scars tour and attend some other cool events where she performed.  At nearly all of those events I was continuously blown away by her energy, excitement and raw talent that she shared with us. 


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I believe in Bishop Briggs because she is one of the most true, sincere, and authentic artists I’ve ever heard, seen and met.  Her sound and style is all her own.  She stays true to herself and her music.  Her love and appreciation for her fans is something that you don’t see from most artists.  She goes out of her way to make everyone feel special.  I’m most thankful that because of her music I’ve met and have become friends with some of the coolest people and music fans.  Thank you Bishop for bringing us together through your music.  

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