Bishop's Fans

A Fan Story By:

I remember a couple years ago I was cleaning at work (I worked at a gym), and one of my friends came over, popped an earbud in my ear and said “Dude, you’ve got to hear this song!” It was River by Bishop Briggs. I immediately whipped out my phone, disregarding any pending punishment by my bosses, and started a new playlist. The title: bb. Following that shift, I went home and found every song she had released and scrolled to the bottom of every social media platform she was on. I stayed up all hours of the night watching YouTube interviews and reading Buzzfeed articles.

Oh man . . . the first time I got to see Bishop was the best day of my life. We went to San Francisco on 4/20 and had the amazing opportunity to meet her for the first time as well. The moment I walked into the room and saw Bishop, my whole life was shook. I was panicking and so excited. “Oh god, what do I say to an angel?” “What if she doesn’t like my outfit?” These were the thoughts running through my head. But what I imagined a million times in my head couldn’t prepare me for what was about to hit me. 

When we got to the front of the line, it took everything I had to not sprint forward and tackle her to the floor with my embrace. What I did do however was just totally freak out. My friends and I got our hugs and pictures and autographs and experiences we will never forget for as long as we live. I remember specifically standing for a moment with Bishop - we were holding arms facing each other doing a little happy dance. I remember so vividly that I said “Oh my god, I’m so nervous and so excited! You are so amazing I love you!” She replied, “Stop I’m so excited. You are amazing.” 


That night - dancing and jamming and letting go of everything while singing along with Bishop - was the happiest I had been in a long time, and I’ve never looked back.


I believe in Bishop because she’s real. She’s authentic. And she cares the most about her fans, and the fact that she stands up for the LGBT+ community warms my heart so much. Being a member of that community . . . sometimes going to concerts, festivals - whatever it may be - is very intimidating. You never know who’s going to be totally awesome and accepting and who’s gonna be the guy who doesn’t keep their dumbass opinions to themselves.  


Whenever you walk into any place that Bishop is playing you can breathe a sigh of relief and know that someone who is larger and better than life is on your side.

I believe in Bishop because she believes in me.

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